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  "Thanks again - you are amazing."  LM

"Great session today! Valuable, worthwhile, very informative - it's
evident you really put in the thought for our learning. Bev is phenomenal
and provided a view to piece together the many components our school teams,
teachers and admin roles. Thanks again."   TR

"Thanks again for inspiring the wonderful administrators in our FOS!"  PD

"I just wanted to let you know that it was the best PD I’ve had since I finished my masters’ Degree. She’s so brilliant and it’s so wonderful to hear her speak because she’s a walking encyclopedia of references. I could’ve spent a week with her. So, thank you so much for making that day happen."  AF

"Thank you so much for moving us along the observation continuum."  JB

"I can’t thank you enough for coming to help us with our District Reviews this week. Everyone left with renewed insights and energized to do the work! I really appreciate how you challenge us in a safe and caring way! Thanks again."  J

"People have always commented on how much I can accomplish in any given hour; well, compared to Bev Freedman I barely trudge along.  She’s incredible.  I’ve known her as a Superintendent of Education, a professor in a faculty of education, and a Ministry colleague; and now I am very happy to call her a friend.  Bev has inspired me to not let constraints like time stop me from doing the things I know need to be done, and she’s always been my champion in opening new opportunities.  I thank her for that." SB

"I really enjoyed your sessions-this information will definitely help with staff development."  N

" I really learned a lot from this session. Thank you."  T

" This was an extremely enjoyable learning experience for me. Thanks you."  JH

" Life is but a walk-through! Thanks."  DA

" A valuable workshop Bev! Thank-you."  CH

" Learned from your workshop."  TM

" You made me think and question my own approach. Thank you."  HB

" Great learning opportunity. Enjoyable."  M

" Indeed a pleasure to learn from you and work with you. Thanks."  RD

" The seminar has proven already to be extremely applicable to teachers and adm. This process will serve to move our teachers to another level..a higher level. Thanks! "  R

" Thank you for bringing your leadership skills to district xx."  GS

" Thank you for all your help and advice over the past 2 days. It has been a valuable learning experience."  KG

" Thank you so much for this workshop. It has been an invaluable experience." DW

" True growth comes from emotion and practice reflected in tranquility."  JC

" Merci beaucoup."  SA

" Thanks so much for your expertise."  G

" So much to reflect on."  DF

" Wonderful workshop."  PO

" Thanks for sharing your wisdom."  JB

" Bev, you have extended our knowledge base & we will learn & improve."  M

"We have really appreciated hearing you speak. your expertise will be like a gift that keeps on giving" CG

“You were absolutely brilliant today. I learned a ton, and was so proud to be your colleague. Feedback has been amazing…….you are inspiring folks and really getting the conversation going. “ KG

“Continue with your impactful leadership E… 

"Oh my goodness - well, that is a very BIG compliment and one I will strive to live up to!  Truly Bev, you are a phenomenal educator and I am very fortunate to have models like you to learn from!  Thank you so much.” E

“Thank you so much Bev for 'playing' 😉 and contributing so much to our team! Your passion for education and educators is inspiring!” E

  "The school start up has been great!!!  There continues to be a great sense of calm and energy for teaching and learning  in the school" J

  "Our EQAO results are going to be made public on the 17th….and….we have gone from the last school in the district to  beating the board average in 5 out of the 6 areas.  In the area that we didn’t beat the board average…we did increase 17%.  So proud of the students, staff and community …and wanted to say thank you to you for your continued support and guidance" JM