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The mission of Bev Freedman is to help schools and school systems 'raise the bar and close achievement gaps'. She works with administrators to build their capacity in terms of school improvement, observational data and evidence-based feedback, so they can work more effectively and collaboratively with teachers on increasing student achievement. 

Educational Services Consulting


Dr. Beverley Freedman, 2019

Beverley, throughout her multiple engagements with the Ontario Ministry of Education worked on numerous provincial and tri-ministry initiatives.  As the former Superintendent of Programs with the Durham District School Board, Beverley was responsible for curriculum, assessment, special education and adult education K-12. Beverley consults, providing training, facilitation, sharing expertise in system reviews, leadership, strategic planning, and capacity building. She has worked with multiple cross-jurisdictional and international district school boards, conducted numerous school and special education, and pedagogic program reviews in Ontario and Manitoba for a both the province and for district school boards/divisions. Beverley designed and delivered adult-focused learner-centered graduate and post-graduate courses. She continues to work with international educator groups at OISE/UToronto. Beverley will be co-presenting two papers at ICSEI 2019 and another two papers at AERA 2019. She has presented papers at a variety of international research/learning conferences. She consults for TVO on digital learning; TLP’s Canada’s Outstanding Principals and continues to work with First Nation on-reserve education boards and departments. As a senior manager for ARD Inc., she is currently involved in the provincial adult education strategy, involving regional Partnership Tables on improving outcomes for adult learners. Internationally, she continues to work with colleagues in Norway, Chile, Belgium, and the Dominican Republic. In 2013, Beverley co-authored a text with Raf Di Cecco on Collaborative School Reviews. 



In 2008 Dr. Freedman was awarded the  Doctoral Dissertation Award by PDK International for Demonstrating PDK Ideals of Leadership Service and Research

In 2004, she was awarded a research grant from the Ontario Principals’ Council for a study instructional leadership.

In 2002 she was selected as the recipient for the Barb Phair award in special education by the Council for Exceptional Children

Dr. Freedman was on the executive of Ontario’s provincial superintendents’ organization (OPSOA), and in 2001, was named Ontario’s Distinguished Leader by OPSOA.

Consulting Services (Educational Services Consulting)

 - Learning (Instructional) Walks and Evidence-based Training

- School and System-Wide Improvement Planning

- Gender Issues

- Special Education Team Building

- Curriculum Development